Hear From Some of Our Sweepszilla Winners!

Earlier this month a Sweepszilla winner, Janet, was having trouble claiming her prize because her tablet was broken. As always we reached out to Janet over email and made sure to get her the prize she won. Lucky for her she won a $100 iTunes gift card which she chose to receive by check – that means she received more than enough money to buy her new tablet! This is what Janet said to us when she received her check “thank you so much for my winnings. I got lucky, huh? I will use it for a new tablet. I tried to send you a picture by a friends tablet but did not know what I was doing!!!!!! I hope you got it. Again, thank you. You are all great.” 

It’s so great to hear from our winners and if you follow our blog you probably know that this is Janet’s fourth time winning already! She’s really raking in the money. In fact, Janet messaged us after her second time winning a few months ago saying, “OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You are the best! I can't believe I won twice. who says that sweeps don't pay off!!! you have made my life so much more enjoyable. God bless you all.” This was after she had just won $100 as the weekly winner and a pendant necklace! Way to go Janet!

In the same week that Janet won another winner, Mickey, sent a beautiful thank-you message, “I just wanted to say Thank You for my reward. It was truly a very nice surprise to log on this morning and find out I had won. So Thank You Very Much. Mickey” We hope you enjoy the prize, Mickey!

Each month we receive some of the nicest emails, letters, and words. From our first $1,000 winner saying “Thank you so much! I received the check and I could hardly believe that I won! Such a blessing!!!” to a $50 winner commenting “Thanks for the $50! It left me smiling, keep up the good work.” It makes giving away prizes feel great!

Over the course of our blog, we’ve interviewed one of our $5,000 winners, received a beautiful letter from a winner, and have nearly found our 1,000th winner! We look forward to finding our 1,000th winner in April – and before then we’ll be announcing our $1,000 winner on March 29th! Stay tuned because we’ll definitely get an interview with the winner – hopefully, it’s you!