A Beautiful Letter From a Winner
Here at Sweepszilla, we love hearing from our sweepers - it makes Sweepszilla so enjoyable! In the past, we've received messages such as, "Thanks for the $50! It left me smiling, keep up the good work." and even our last $1,000 winner wrote in to say “Thank you so much! I received the check and I could hardly believe that I won! Such a blessing!!!” Recently we checked the mail and found a beautiful handwritten letter from a winner that we wanted to share:

"Dear Sweepszilla,
I got the check and the letter on Friday. I am most grateful for the check.
I don’t have email capability on my smartphone. As for as sending anything I can receive photos from other smartphones but that’s as far as it goes.
I don’t have a computer because I can’t afford one at the moment.
Rest assured, I am very grateful for the check. I just had to shell out $300 for propane, which shot my budget and my mood to smithereens, so the $50 will come in handy for happiness.

Again, I am very grateful.

Gratefully yours,
Diane S."

This letter was so heartwarming to read! We're always so happy to bring joy to Sweepszilla players and love to hear how winning has helped them. Just the other day I reached out to a recent $100 winner, Janet. Janet was having trouble claiming her prize because her tablet is broken, so we made sure to help her and mail out her prize check immediately. It's the amazing sweepers like YOU that make Sweepszilla so great and allow us to give away so many awesome prizes. There's nothing more rewarding than hearing about what our winners bought or how much the prize money helped them. Keep up the amazing work everyone! And we promise we will too!