Meet a $5,000 Sweepszilla Winner!

13 miles outside of Los Angeles, while on a website that he heard about through his email, Edgar L. won $5,000 last month by playing a simple game. When the prize winners were announced we sent Edgar an email notifying him that he was the winner of $5,000 and would like to send him a check. Edgar responded two days later saying, “Can I get more information about this please?” We were expecting his response to have a little more excitement! Of course, Edgar was skeptical, after all, everyone always wonders “do people really win on Sweepszilla?”

Edgar is one piece of proof in hundreds, that yes, Sweepszilla is real. Edgar said he was frozen when he first read the email, but when he finally saw the funds in his bank account he couldn’t help himself and screamed out of joy! We had the opportunity to talk to Edgar this month to see how he has been enjoying his $5,000 prize and what he bought. Edgar told us that he “spent a certain amount on bills, some home appliances, took his family out to olive garden, got himself a new smartphone, and some gear as well.“

I asked him what his favorite part of Sweepszilla is and he mentioned how easy it was to submit entries, and he also said he has played the war game hundreds of times and that’s definitely his favorite!

Don’t worry, we also asked him if he had any tips for you all!

Here’s Edgar’s advice: “All I recommend for other players is don't stop. Keep submitting those entries and guarantee you're in it to win it. The road to riches starts here!!!”

Congratulations on your $5,000 win Edgar and good luck on the next upcoming $5,000 prize to all of our players! And remember, the road to riches starts here!