General Sweepstakes Tips

Players often  ask-- what are your insider tips for playing online sweeps? What do the winners do that I’m not doing?

Here are just a few examples of smart sweeping;

Play Daily. It’s fast, fun, and 100% free to play. So what have you got to lose? Remember the more entries you complete the more chances you get…

Make sure to use correct information and check your emails to make sure you don’t miss messages from us. Because if we cannot contact you if you won, you won't get your prize. And always make sure that you meet the requirements of the rules (over 18, valid countries, real email address and name).  Incorrect info could invalidate entries.

We only contact winners via email. We will not call winners or contact them via social media. So be on the lookout for those emails-- and be sure the check the winners list to track all of our SweepsZilla Winners

What Happens When I Win? 
Members receiving emails confirming that they have won will be asked to confirm how they want the prize. SweepsZilla offers winners the opportunity to take their prize itself, a check, PayPal payment or Amazon gift card. The PayPal and Amazon gift cards are usually fulfilled within a day. Checks have to be mailed so please allow for a reasonable amount of time for delivery. If you request a check, please note that we’ll want to confirm your mailing address before sending to ensure your information is up to date.