Sweepszilla Has Given Away Over 900 Prizes!

Sweepszilla is well on its way to announcing its $1,000th prize winner! As of March 2019, we’ve announced over 900 winners and by April we’ll have announced over 1,000! Ever since June 2018, when we announced our first ever winner, Sweepszilla has been the hottest sweepstakes website on the internet. Have you ever had the chance to take a look at our long list of winners? Maybe you’re on it! 

It’s been a wild ride, full of ups and….. UPS! There’s really never any downs on Sweepszilla! Is there ever a negative to playing FREE sweepstakes? The answer: no way! Giving away prizes and hearing from winners brings us more joy than anything else in the world. Sweepszilla has seen winners from every single state in the US… winners from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. We’ve literally had winners from all over the world! It’s amazing.

In less than one year we’ll have given away over ONE THOUSAND prizes – and we’re not showing any signs of stopping. We’ve been giving away over six prizes a day throughout 2019 and every week and every month we’ve been announcing some huge winners.

We’ve had $5,000 winners, four-time winners, two computer winners in two weeks, and found answers to some really interesting questions. We’re having the time of our lives and your helping us accomplish it! We have THE BEST players in the world, bar-none. We love interacting with our players, hearing about what you want to win, what you have won, and how much you love Sweepszilla. We wouldn’t be here without YOU! We want to extend a  big thank-you from Sweepszilla!

We’ll be seeing you when we find our 1,000th winner. Good Luck!