Two New Computer Winners in Two Weeks!
Congratulations to Richard E. of Hopkins, South Carolina this week for winning a brand new Samsung Chromebook 3 on February 6th!

This is Richard's second win this year, on January 15th, Richard also won a $20 Amazon Gift Card! It looks like Richard really loves to play sweepstakes games and it's paying off! We can't imagine the look on his face when he realizes he won again! We constantly see players winning every month that love playing and use their entries every day. It's no secret that if you use all of your entries each day you have more chances to win.

Richard's new Samsung Chromebook 3 sounds like the perfect computer to play Sweepszilla on! Don't worry, we've already put another Chromebook on the prize page!

Just last week, we gave away another computer too! Vicki P. of Colorado won an Acer All In One PC! It looks like everyone is winning new computers on Sweepszilla!

Be on the lookout for prizes ending soon. On the homepage you can see that a lot of prizes are counting down, so make sure to get your entries in so you have a shot at winning! Who doesn't want to win an iPhone 8?? Even if you don't really want the iPhone, you can select the cash option and get $699.00 delivered by check, PayPal, or Amazon Gift Card!!! All of our prizes are redeemable through cash options too!