Prizes Going Out!!! A Four-Time Winner???

The Sweepszilla offices might be a gold mine from all of the WINNERS! Just look at the list below of some of our top winners of the past few days:

Lolita B: Bose Bluetooth Speakers
Janet Z: $100 iTunes Gift Card
Suzanne G: $100 Weekly Cash
Kristin Willis: $50 McDonalds Gift Card
Marion B: $50 Daily Amazon Gift Card

These are 5 prizes of dozens from the past four days! There are some familiar names in here too, because Janet Z. has already won $240 worth of prizes on Sweepszilla – now she has won $340 with her $100 iTunes Gift Card! It’s really amazing to see players names keep popping up – it’s all about consistency and not giving up! Remember, this is $340 that Janet has won FOR FREE! There is no telling how much money she might win in 2019 as long as she keeps submitting her entries every day – there’s no limit on how much you can win!!! Maybe we will ask Janet for some tips that she can share!

We’re sure hoping that Lolita will enjoy her prize too. Bose Bluetooth Speakers are worth over $125! Lolita might just take the money and run! After all, she can select the cash option in her winner email, just like all of our winners can.

We’ve had over 25 winners in four days, Sweepszilla keeps getting better! Everyone I tell about Sweepszilla always asks “Is it really free?” The answer is pretty simple, "YES". Sweepszilla is a sweepstakes! Keep submitting your entries for your chance to win as much as Janet – there are $5,000 and $1,000 cash prizes on the line!