Your Account Page
Hey everybody! We hope you are getting your entries in for your chance to win this week! Have you submitted any tickets for the $5,000 prize? Did you know that you can check how many entries you have entered in each contest on your Account Page? That’s right, we make it super easy for you to know exactly how many entries you have entered each day. If you go to your account right here you will see a full view of your entries. Not only can you find your entries today, but you can also see your total entries for each prize as well.

If you’re setting a goal of entering, for example, 100 times in the $5,000 prize then this is the best place for you to track your entries! You don’t ever have to worry about your entries not being received when you can see them all in your account page dashboard. A quick tip when looking at your account page is to look when the contests end. If there’s a 50 inch TV ending tomorrow, it’s a great time to get entries in for that prize.

One last thing: on your account page you can also ‘edit your profile details’. Please make sure you put the correct information in so we know where to you send your money if you win! So many people forget to put the correct information in, don’t let that happen to you! Good luck to all of our players this week - the road to riches starts here!