What Would You Like to See on Sweepszilla?

If there is one great thing about Sweepszilla (other than the HUGE prizes) it’s the players. It’s you and the community that comes and plays every day that makes Sweepszilla great. We often get messages thanking Sweepszilla for giving away prizes and there is nothing better than that. Sometimes we also receive messages about new ideas players would love to see on Sweepszilla. Just yesterday one player gave us ten new ideas for Sweepszilla – they were great!

Right now, Sweepszilla offers over 25 prizes and a boatload of cash. We’ve had 1,000 winners in less than one year too! We’d love to hear about what else we can do to make Sweepszilla enjoyable for you. If you didn’t know already, you can contact Sweepszilla on our ‘Contact Us’ page located here.

What new features do you want to see added to Sweepszilla? Some of the most frequent requests include a big cash prize and more games! What do you think? While our top prize is $5,000 we hope to get a much bigger one! So please stay tuned! We also have five different games for you to play, but if you have a cool idea share it!

Sweepszilla has over 600 likes on Facebook and an awesome community! If you ever feel like sharing the love you can share our page (or keep it as your secret). You can post your new ideas for us there too, we’d love to read them! Follow our Facebook here when you have time.

As always, thanks again for playing Sweepszilla and never hesitate to communicate with our team. A great community of players makes for some great prizes!