How this tip helped us contact a $1,000 Winner

As you might know by now, occasionally we have trouble contacting our winners. When a winner is announced they’re sent an email that allows them to claim their prize, but sometimes users miss the email. We continue to send the email every week, but even then some users never respond. When members don’t add [email protected] to their contacts it’s harder for us to reach them.

While over 90% of prizes have been claimed there are still over 275 unclaimed prizes! Some of these larger prizes we knew we needed to get in contact with the winners of. Imagine not being aware that you won $1,000! $1,000 is a lot of money and can always be a big help no matter your financial situation. After two months of sending emails with no response, we took it one step further.

On Sweepszilla you can input your address and information and luckily this winner did do that! This allowed us to send them a letter notifying them that they were the winner and we wanted to make sure that the address was correct before mailing the check. It looks like the address was valid because they responded immediately after they got the letter. It looks like emails were going to spam and they forgot to mark them as not spam.

After we got confirmation of their address we were able to mail them the $1,000 check which was a “huge shock and meant so much”. We’ve also managed to get a $500 winner their prize recently the same way! That’s why it’s always important to update your account information and even more so add us to your contacts.