Three Reasons Why You’re Not Winning Sweepstakes

Have you been asking yourself, “Why aren’t I winning sweepstakes?” Meanwhile, you play a lot and think you’re doing everything right? We’re constantly asked this question and have some advice for you. Here are the top 3 things people overlook during sweepstakes that cause them to miss out on prizes.

Your contact information is wrong!

There is nothing sadder to see than a prize winner with an invalid email address! All of our Sweepszilla winners are contacted through their registered email address so it’s very important that this information is correct! We send emails to winners every day and follow up at least once a week, but still, there are a number of unclaimed prizes. Here is what I recommend you do right now. Go to your account page and look at your email address. Double and triple check it! Make sure it is correct and it’s an email address that you check regularly! If you notice your email address is wrong then go to the winners page and look to see if there are any prizes you didn’t claim!

You’re not entering enough!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. the key to winning sweepstakes is consistency. If you enter one entry then you’re not maximizing your opportunity to win! All you need to do is set aside 20 minutes a day and you can enter more than enough times to have a good chance to win some prizes.

You’re not entering for daily prizes

If you plan on entering every day that is a great step in the right direction, but if you’re only entering for a prize like $5,000 your missing some great chances to win. It would be amazing to win $5,000 wouldn’t it? Of course it would, but if you want to win more often to keep yourself motivated it’s important to get entries in on daily prizes – so you have the chance to win every day! There are six daily prizes on Sweepszilla and you can submit ten entries for each, everyday! A great way to get more wins is to enter for daily prizes along with your entries for larger prizes!