What To Expect When You Win
At the stroke of midnight, every night, six players take home prizes. If you have won before, you’re probably all too familiar with the process. For those of you who want to know what to expect when you win this is for you.

Contests end at 11:59 PM on their respective days, you can view individual prize countdown clocks on the prize page to see when contests are ending. When a contest ends our computers select a winner (over six per day). Then our computers send out emails to those winners with the subject line “ You Won!”

Winners that receive winning emails are almost always in disbelief! The prize that they won is featured on the top of the email, along with three different delivery methods. Users can take home the prize or cash value of the prize through check, a PayPal deposit, or they can be emailed Amazon Gift Cards worth the value of the prize. There is no cost to select any of these payout methods, Sweepszilla is always 100% free!

For winners who elect to receive their prize by check, you’ll be receiving a check with our Sweepszilla logo! Checks and prizes are typically mailed within three business days and received within the week after. PayPal and Amazon payments are processed 1-3 business days after winners claim their prizes.

Once you receive your prize what you decide to do with it is up to you! When Edgar, our first $5,000 winner, received his check he said he spent money on “bills, some home appliances, took his family out to olive garden, got himself a new smartphone, and some gear as well.” You can read about our interview with Edgar right here.

Now you know what to expect when you win! There’s nothing like experiencing the feeling for yourself though. Most users say they freeze when they receive their prizes, how will you react? There’s only one way to find out! Submit your entries and try to win – at 11:59 PM a handful of people will be new winners!