How would you spend $1,000?

One of the most exciting things about Sweepstakes is daydreaming… The ability to submit your entries and just know “when a winner is announced, it might be me.” In fact, a lot of us try to believe “it will be me.” And so, with this security, our imagination runs wild.

On March 29th, one of you will be right about the winner being you. That’s when our $1,000 contest is ending. One of you thinking about spending that $1,000 is actually going to have the opportunity to spend it when you have a Sweepszilla check delivered right into your mailbox. And you know what we think, Why shouldn’t it be you?” After all, as long as you have a single entry in – it could be you.

First things first… make sure you have at least one entry submitted before daydreaming! You can’t win the lottery without a ticket! It takes five seconds to submit an entry by going right here, clicking the $1,000 contest, and playing one game (Obviously it's free). Have you made sure you’ve done that? Ok, now you can daydream! So what might you spend your $1,000 on? I asked the Sweepszilla staff to get some ideas for you! 

“Go on my dream vacation. With $1,000 I can take my friends or family members on a beautiful trip. Personally, I would go on a cruise with my best friend!”

“Pay my bills!!! If I just got a check for $1,000 with no strings attached I would immediately put half into savings and pay bills with the other half. Free money? Sign me up!”

“I would go to the bank, cash my check, ask the teller for 1,000 one dollar bills and then throw them all over my room while jumping up and down on my bed. Throwing $1,000 in the air has always been on my bucket list.”

There you have it – there are obviously a lot of options on what you could do with $1,000! From vacation to savings to dancing in a pile of money… What would you do? We hope you have the chance to find out!