The Sweepstakes Hobby: A Great Community of Players

Yesterday I read an article that talked about why people love sweepstakes, one commenter said, “Sweepstakes are like playing the lottery but for free.” That’s exactly what sweepstakes are.

Sweepstakes are all about consistency – it’s hard to find legitimately free stuff on the internet – so when you have the opportunity every day to win you have to capitalize on it. Sweepstakes make for such a great hobby by giving you, your friends, and the sweepstake community a shared interest – and prizes!

Look at how some people view sweepstakes: 

I enter sweepstakes because I genuinely enjoy it...Plus it's a hobby for my mom and I to share and discuss” 

My dad does this as a kind of hobby. He's won 3 vacations, a couple high value "shopping spree" type gift cards, two iPods, concert tickets, and a LOT of smaller consolation prizes, like jars of salsa or bags of candy or $5-10 gift cards.

This is a great approach to playing and spending family time. Wouldn’t you love to share $5,000 with your family like our first $5,000 winner, Edgar the opportunity to?

There’s also a great Sweepstakes community for you to join, look right here at this online winner’s thread from February. One sweeps player inside said:

Had my best month ever.

  • $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • Wolfenstein II Steam Code
  • $100 Local Dispensary Gift Card
  • Custom Long Board
  • Grand Prize (13" MacBook Pro, Apple TV 4k, Ipad Pro, 50" TV, and a Bose Sound Bar)

Total value of everything for January is around $3500. Really hoping this lucky streak continues!

This is the community you want to be interacting with, those that know where to find the best Sweepstakes, like Sweepszilla, and how to be treat Sweepstakes like a hobby in order to maximize opportunities.

Do you have a Sweepstakes community you are a part of? Start interacting with your fellow sweepers and make the most out of your chances!