Getting Too Many Emails?

Occasionally members let us know that they receive too many emails. Our members always have the chance to unsubscribe from emails (and yes you can still play, win, and be notified). Not everyone wants to receive so many emails, but if you ever want to unsubscribe you can do so here or by emailing [email protected].

But what if you still want notifications, but not so many? If you’re only interested in receiving one email per day you can unsubscribe and instead sign up for the Sweepszilla Newsletter right here.

The Sweepszilla Newsletter is a single email that is sent at 5:15 PM EST every day. Not only does it let you know which contests are ending, but also lets you know about other sweepstakes websites that have sweepstakes ending that you can still enter for. It’s the perfect balance between to many and too little.

While the Sweepszilla Newsletter doesn’t give away any Zillas like our normal emails do which you can use in the vault, it does let you know about some great offers like ending sweepstakes for our sister site The Winning Key (which if you haven’t signed up for yet you really should!). If you’re interested you can stay signed up for regular Sweepszilla emails and the Newsletter!

If you ever have problems where you are not receiving emails, you can email [email protected] for help, we’re always happy to help our members!

Thanks and best of luck!