Contests, Lotteries, Sweepstakes: Whats the Difference?
Across the internet there are numerous sweepstakes, lotteries, and contests, but do you know the difference? One of these is a game of skill, the other two are games of chance - but one of them is free to enter. Do you know which is which? (Hint: Sweepszilla is a sweepstake)

If you knew that sweepstakes were free games of chance, then you were correct! Sweepstakes are defined as “promotional drawings in which prizes are given away at no charge to participants”. Therefore as long as you have the chance to win prizes, 100% free, you're involved in sweepstakes, like Sweepszilla!

This is unlike lotteries where you are required to put an entry fee in order for the opportunity to win. While you have to pay for a chance to win in a lottery, winners are still selected at random, much like a sweepstake.

If you wanted to win prizes without any randomness, you would enter a contest. Contests are games of skill that are typically judged as well - with the winner receiving a prize. Contests that you’re probably familiar with include: drawing contests, video game contests, and sports contests.

When you come across a sweepstake, contest, or lottery in the future now you know what to expect! Personally, I love sweepstakes because there is nothing to lose and so much to gain! What kind of giveaway is your favorite?