Sweepszilla's 2020 Review
What a crazy year, huh? For you and us both! A lot happened in 2020 not only on Sweepszilla but in the world, but we're here to talk about Sweepszilla! This was our BIGGEST YEAR EVER. From January 1, 2019 - December of 2020 Sweepszilla has got out of control! We've been giving away bigger and better prizes. 2020 was the year we added our $250,000 prize and gave away a lot of money. 

Just how much was given away? Let's take a look:

Sweepszilla managed to give away over $100,000! That's a new record for us and we've been so grateful for your support during these times - and we hope you got a piece of that. 

How many people got a piece of that pie too? More than 2,000 people managed to take home a prize this year - which is INSANE. We hope to have changed everyone's life that received a prize check. The look on their faces must have been amazing. 

What's next? Well since nobody managed to win our grand prize in 2020, we're still going to be looking for a winner in 2021. Do you think you have the luck that it takes? As long as you're submitting your entries you are going to have the chance to be the winner. We're looking for someone to match their ticket numbers up with the winning ones!

We hope you had a great 2020 on Sweepszilla, friend. We hope you come back for 2021 where we continue to grow and give away more and more prizes. Best of luck, Sweepszilla.