Maximizing Your Sweepstakes Efficiency

Our time is precious. We all know that as much fun as it could be to use our time how we wanted, we only have so much and we need to use it wisely. Sweepstakes is a wise investment, but a lot of us can’t spend all day on sweepstakes websites. Maybe some of us spend a few hours, an hour, or 30 minutes each day – which is great. Depending on your time you should know how to maximize your entries for the best chance at winning.

Sweepszilla makes winning really easy and fun. You can play games or skip them and go straight to your entry, each entry takes less than 30 seconds! Let’s say you have 30 minutes each day to enter with, what the best way to spend this time? In 30 minutes you can enter at least 60 times! It’s important to use this time wisely and efficiently.

Most of us want the big prizes… $5,000 or $1,000 maximize your entries on these! The chance to win big is great motivation to continue entering – just imagine the joy on your face receiving a $5,000 check! In ten minutes you can max out your entries for these without a problem!

Another great idea is to enter for the iPhone 8. Maybe your thinking, “But I don’t need a new phone”. Well, do you need $699.00? An iPhone 8 is worth $699.00 and if you don’t want the iPhone there is a cash option where you would receive a check for the value of the iPhone! Just pretend you're entering for $699!

If you enter for all of those contests each day you still have time to maximize your odds for three more. I recommend entering for daily prizes so you have a chance to win everyday. Which you prizes you enter for are completely up to you! Fewer people enter for smaller prizes – so keep that in mind!

If you have any leftover time why not drop a single entry into all of the remaining prizes as well. This will only take less than ten minutes and with a single entry, you have a chance to win…. It’s something to think about! Good Luck!