Wow. This Letter We Received Is Wonderful.

The Sweepszilla team get tons of emails every day from users asking questions, saying thank-you, and players reporting problems they are experiencing. We always try our best to help by answering each and every question. But it’s not often that we get a thank-you letter in the mail! We have had one beautiful letter received before, which you can check out here. Recently we received another letter that we really wanted to share.  This letter is from Brenda D. who won $50 on April 20th,  2019!

We removed personal information, but on a wonderfully colorful card with all kinds of birds Brenda wrote:

“Hello Sweepszilla,
You have blessed my heart with the $50.00 check. I gratefully “Thank You”… It is a special joy to receive this just as we’re going back to [the] Hospital Clinic for my treatment, which is so expensive and this helps me just at the right time. “Hat’s off to you, Sweepszilla!”
Sincerely with “Thanks”,
Brenda D.”

It’s such a beautiful letter and as you read Brenda is currently being treated at the hospital. We hope you will join us in saying we hope you get better as soon as possible Brenda, we’re all wishing you the best and have you in our thoughts and prayers! It takes a really special person to make sure a beautiful letter. This isn’t Brenda’s first time winning either, She won a $200 TV this year already, which we sent her as a check. We really hope that helped as well.

If you are reading this know that we are humbled by the letter and everyone at Sweepszilla is thinking of you! Thank you.