Don’t Make These Mistakes!

We’ve all been there, in a place where we forget to do something and have that “OH NO!” moment. These seemingly inevitable mistakes are avoidable, so long as we prepare in advance. So what are some common mistakes Sweepstakes players make – and how can you avoid them? Let’s take a look.

Valid Email Address!

The email address on your Account Page is how you are contacted if you win so if you used a fake email address, spelled your email wrong, or simply never check your email address – it’s not going to be possible to receive a winning email. Trust us, this happens often! We email dozens of winners that haven’t claimed their prizes every week, but no one answers because they didn’t use a valid email!


Have you moved recently? If you have, you might want to make sure that you have your correct address listed. Don’t worry, on Sweepszilla if you win you’re allowed to put in your address for your prize delivery (just make sure your email is valid to receive winning emails!) If you are making an address change, always try your best to keep your information up to date.


Occasionally emails that you are looking for end up not in your inbox, but instead in your spam folder. While we try our best to make sure that your emails get in your inbox, sometimes email filters put them in other folders. Don’t worry, there are ways to guarantee winning emails make it into your inbox. You can whitelist Sweepszilla by adding to your contacts in your email so you never miss an email.

Use this as a checklist so that you don’t miss out if you win! Have an amazing day! :)