The Biggest Personal Check Ever Written

As those of you who follow the Sweepszilla blog know, we love to find answers to obscure questions and do some research. Every day in the Sweepszilla office we are mailing checks, from $10 to $1,000 to $5,000. Every prize we offer can be exchanged for a check (as well as PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards). This got us thinking about what the biggest personal check ever was!

In September and December, we mailed Erlinda and Edgar, our $1,000 and $5,000 winners their checks that they respectively cashed. At the end of March (March 29) we’ll be giving away another $1,000 and three months after that another $5,000. You want to get in on those because that money is going out very soon.

Previously in our blog, we found out who the biggest Sweepstakes winner ever was, which you can read about here. This time the research wasn’t as intensive, but the amount of money was much more.

It turns out that in January of 2015 a check was written for $974,790,317.77! Almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS! A billionaire, Harold Hamm, who was getting a divorce with his wife was settling for that much money! Guess what else? The wife, Arnall, didn’t even want to cash the check because she wanted more money! I know I would cash that check in a heartbeat, what about you? Eventually… she did cash the check.

Some of you are going to be cashing some large Sweepszilla checks very soon as our contests come to an end. Keep submitting your entries and keep willing it to happen, we’re wishing you all the best of luck!