Who is the Biggest Free Sweepstakes Winner Ever?

On our Sweepszilla blog, we love to investigate unique questions. The other day I was wondering who the biggest free Sweepstakes winner ever was and how much money did they win? Could it have been one, ten, fifty, one hundred million dollars? Recently on Sweepszilla, we had a $5,000 winner, but we've never had a million dollar winner. So like a normal person, I Googled it, but guess what? Google did not have an answer! So the search for the biggest free Sweepstakes winner began… 

When I Googled ‘Who is the biggest free sweepstakes winner ever’ I found articles about everything from Sweepstakes tips to $50,000 winners, but nothing about someone winning an incredible amount of money for free! I did come across the biggest lottery winner ever, who won a cool 1.586 billion dollars! But since Sweepszilla is a free Sweepstakes website and the lottery costs money, I needed to keep looking for the biggest free giveaway winner.

Woah, a headline that says, “Rockstar Giveaway: One Hundred Million Dollars!” Can this be true? Unfortunately … it wasn’t. Technically they were giving away One Hundred Millions Dollars, but it was a single one hundred million Zimbabwean dollar … worth less than 1 cent.

Page after page featured different prizes, a few million dollar giveaways that people won, we even came across the old McDonald’s Monopoly one million dollar giveaway, but there weren’t any free giveaways over $1,000,000. Was the largest prize ever rewarded really only one million dollars?

I decided to phone a friend who loves playing free Sweepstakes and asked if he had ever heard of any larger prizes. An hour later he told me to check my email. I opened my email to find an article from April 15, 2000. “ Gave Away Ten Million Dollars To A Lucky Contestant.” The article goes on to say “ is a free casual game site  ….” BINGO! Just like Sweepszilla!

So who won ten million dollars and might be the biggest free sweepstakes winner ever? Lee Truong! Lee was introduced and announced as the winner live on CBS in 2000 during a half-hour special. Leeza Gibbons announced he was the winner on national television, just four days after he was selected as one of four finalists. Yes, he won $10,000,000 and got to be on TV too! (I think if I had to choose I would choose the ten million dollars rather than being on TV though)

Now anytime a unique Trivia question about the biggest sweepstakes winner ever comes up, you have an answer. Check out our Sweepstakes for your chance to be our next winner!