What Are Zillas?

You earn Zillas which can be used like tokens for even more sweepstakes entries in the Bonus Prize Vault, by entering into our regular giveaways. The more you enter, the more chances and Zillas you’ll receive.

That’s extra opportunities to win extra prizes at SweepsZilla. We love creating winners, so make sure to utilize your Zillas to maximize your chances to win.

You can use your Zillas at any time. Zillas are very easy to use for sweepstakes entries on Sweepszilla. Simply pick the prize or prizes you are most interested in and select the drop down for the number of entries you’d like. As long as you have Zillas in your account

you can keep on entering. Need more? Enter additional giveaways to accumulate even more Zillas into your account. We’re giving away tons of great prizes like cash, gift cards, iPads, TVs, computers, home electronics and much more. Check out the Zillas page right now and see what is available. There is something for everyone!

What Happens When I Win? 
Members receiving emails confirming that they have won will be asked to confirm how they want the prize. SweepsZilla offers winners the opportunity to take their prize itself, a check, PayPal payment or Amazon gift card. The PayPal and Amazon gift cards are usually fulfilled within a day. Checks have to be mailed so please allow for a reasonable amount of time for delivery. If you request a check, please note that we’ll want to confirm your mailing address before sending to ensure your information is up to date.