The Luckiest Man Who Ever Lived

An Australian man, Bill Morgan, was legally declared dead for over fourteen minutes once. Bill was driving along the Australian Outback when a sudden heart attack made him lose control of his vehicle. Even more suddenly, his car collided with a truck – crushing Bill. Bill was pronounced dead at the hospital moments later. For fourteen minutes he was legally dead until his heart started moving. Pump..Pump..Pump. It looked like Bill beat the odds. Bill was alive.

Still, after being dead for 14 minutes, the brain begins to suffer from brain damage due to lack of oxygen and so, Bill fell into a coma. For the next twelve days, Bill was unresponsive. Doctor’s recommended turning off Bill’s life support, but Bill’s luck wasn’t running out yet. At the end of the twelve days of despair, he woke up. Not only did he wake up, but he was fine. Some people call it luck that Bill managed to survive with minor repercussions, others might call it strength. Sometimes incredible feats like this do happen, but we’re talking about the luckiest person EVER – so the story doesn’t end there.

Shortly after Bill’s recovery he walked into a store and purchased a lottery ticket. I think we all know what happens when the luckiest person ever purchases a lottery ticket… Bill won a new car worth $23,903. His story of luck and triumph began catching attention. This would be the perfect ending to the story, but once again it gets luckier.

Bill was invited onto a local news program to share his story. During one segment, with the cameras rolling, Bill was asked to go back into the store and re-enact the scene where buys a ticket to win a new car. He purchased a new ticket, took it to the counter and began scratching. Bill turned around and said, “I just won $250,000.” He looked at the reporter, “I’m not joking.” And he wasn’t joking – Bill Morgan, the man who died and came back to life, just won $250,000, right after winning a new car. Bill’s luck never seems to end – is it your turn to get lucky?

Since it was recorded for the news you can watch the video of Bill winning $250,000 on YouTube right here.