How To Use Sweepszilla

If you’re a new Sweepszilla player this is for you! Don’t stop reading if you’ve been on Sweepszilla for a while either, you might not be aware of everything Sweepszilla offers. Let’s go through a step by step process of signing up for Sweepszilla, entering contests, tracking your entries – and some Sweepszilla secrets!

First, when you sign up for Sweepszilla you will have used your email address – it’s very important that this is a valid email address because every email, including winning notifications, will be sent here. Always check your inbox and spam folder to make sure that you’re receiving Sweepszilla emails. If you’re ever having trouble receiving emails, please contact us and we can make sure your information is correct.

Sweepszilla currently offers over 25 prizes! Entering is really simple too! All you have to do is press “Play Now” on the prize you want to enter, then play the game! You can also Skip the games and collect your entry tickets if you are in a rush. You can enter for each prize up to ten times! Make sure you’re entered for prizes that are ending soon so you have the chance of having your name being announced. 

In order to track all of your entries, you can view your entire entry history on your account page. On your account page you’ll find, your name, address, birthday, address, and your entry history. If you press “See Entries” you can view all of your entries for the prize period on specific prizes. You can even enter contests directly from your account page by pressing “Enter Now”. Your account page is a great way to stay on top of your entries and making sure you’re entering for your favorite prizes.

But wait, there’s more! Have you ever wondered what that number next to the ‘Z’ is on Sweepszilla? That number represents your Zillas. Zillas are extra entry tickets you can submit in the ‘secret’ vault where we keep some hidden prizes. There are a number of ways to get Zillas, you get one Zilla for each entry you submit, you occasionally get Zillas by clicking links in emails we send, and if you max out your entries for a day – you get a Zilla surprise!

Finally when a prize ends our computers randomly select ticket winners for each prize and then each winner is sent a winning notification to their registered email address! The winning email says, “ You Won!” From there you’re able to select how you wish to receive your prize. We always hope this is the next email you get!

Good luck! If you ever have any questions you can contact the Sweepszilla Team below as well!