10 Days 60+ Winners
This month has been a GREAT one for Sweepzilla players!! In the first ten days of this month, players have won over 60 prizes! From $50 Amazon gift cards to a Samsung Chromebook 3, Sweepszilla players have been winning from a boatload of prizes this month! Left and right, every day, we’re giving out a $10 iTunes Gift Card, a $20 Target Gift Card, $20 Amazon Gift Card, $25 Visa Gift Card, $25 cash, and a $50 Visa Gift Card!

There are a lot of HUGE prizes ending this month as well. Some of you will be taking home a Cuisinart Coffee Maker, Kindle Fire 7 Tablet, Pendant Necklace, $100 Gap Gift Card, iPad Mini 4, $100 iTunes Gift Card, $250 Visa Gift Card, Bose Bluetooth Speaker, and a 50 Inch TV!

Can you imagine winning all of these prizes? There’s always a chance as long as your entries are in for each of them! Just make sure you have room in your house for the 50 inch TV!

If there has ever been a month to not miss a day at Sweepszilla, THIS IS IT! This is the opportunity to win some awesome prizes! MAKE SURE TO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN!

So what happens if you win one of these great prizes? First, you’re going to receive an email that says “ YOU WON!” This will probably make you start jumping with joy. Next, you will be able to select whether you want your prize through PayPal, check, home delivery, or Amazon gift card – try to stop your hands from shaking. After you make your selection you will put your information in and that week your prize is going to be fulfilled - don’t type your address wrong!

Keep coming back and maxing out your entries for a greater chance to win!