Sweepstake Player Type Quiz

Are you the type of person who logs into Sweepszilla, plays one game, and still manages to win? Or maybe you’re like our four-time winner Janet, who plays every day to consistently winner prizes? We’ve created a fun list of the different types of sweepstakes players, which one do you think you are? Check out this list!


The Lucky Player
If you’re always finding four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and Sweepszilla wins, then you can consider yourself a lucky player. Lucky players are the people like Rosemary G. of Oklahoma who won twice in one day! What are the chances of that?! To win twice in one day requires a certain amount of luck that’s for sure! If you’re a lucky player you’d know it!


The Professional Player
Did you come here after reading an article about Sweepstakes Tricks and Tips? If you’re always looking for an advantage to win you might be a professional player. Professionals typically make sure they get all of the latest sweepstakes offerings. They have a ‘sweepstaking schedule’ and make sure they enter every day – always maxing out their entries. They win a lot too. This is because they know consistency is key and it pays off!


The Casual Player
Perhaps you occasionally read this blog, occasionally sign onto Sweepszilla, and occasionally win. Occasionally is a great word for casual players. Casual players are great though! When they’re bored you can always find them on Sweepszilla trying to win, but not every day. They love the thought of winning and always try when they have the time.


The Gamer 
Have you had a chance to play all five of Sweepszilla’s minigames? If you play Sweepszilla because of the games and the prizes are just an afterthought you’re definitely a gamer. Everybody knows gamers


Which Sweepstakes player are you? Did we miss any?