Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Baby Shower Prize Ideas

What does it take to run a successful baby shower? (Other than food, of course.) Games featuring prizes are always a huge hit! Planning a game and prizes may seem easy at first, but it can easily become overwhelming. 

At Sweepszilla, one thing we know about is games and prizes. We’re here to give you ideas for planning, budgeting, and making a baby shower full of games and prizes to make it perfect.

How many prizes should be given out?

There are a number of factors on how many prizes you should give out, like what your budget is and how many games you’re playing. It also depends on the crowd of people that come. If everyone at the baby shower is older you can give away fewer prizes that have more value. If there are kids participating in the games, it’s best to give away more prizes so that more people can take home one. In this case, you should give away low-value prizes. We like to give away a good mix of prizes so more people have a chance to win.

You can purchase $1 bulk items if you really want to, like stickers if you want no one to go home empty-handed. All that’s really expected is the winner gets a prize, but coming in second or even third place and getting a prize is a nice gesture.

What kind of baby shower prize ideas are there?

Know you’re audience! At Sweepszilla our audience loves cash prizes - but a baby shower is completely different. Since it’s mostly women attending, prizes that women would enjoy the most are great. Beauty products or bath sets are great prize ideas. You can go more general with food or candles too - who doesn’t love a gift basket of food? Even a chocolate bar for runners-up would be appreciated, we can promise you that!

Common baby shower prize ideas include; bath bombs, cookbooks, gift cards, plants, frames, beauty sets, food baskets, lotions, jewelry, and soaps. Guests always appreciate it if you take the time to make your own basket of things that you and they both love.

Personalized prizes are great too. Something to remember the moment by - like a mug that says, “I won at  _______’s baby shower!” Personalized prizes can be more expensive than other prizes, but by declaring someone won at something you only need to give one away! Even a second place mug can say “I came in second place!”

Baby Shower Prize Ideas Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a lot of factors but tons of good ideas that anyone would be happy with here. It’s most important to know who’s attending and base your prizes around that while being budget conscious. No matter who is throwing the baby shower, do what makes you most comfortable, people are there to celebrate life and enjoy themselves. As long as the games are fun and people are laughing everyone will have a great time and the prizes will be the cherry on top.