Sweepszilla: 10,356 Reasons to Play Today

At any given time on the homepage and in the vault – there are $10,356 in prizes available for you to win on Sweepszilla. That’s $10,356 reasons for you to play games, submit tickets, and win prizes for free. Where else on the internet do you have the chance to win that much money by just playing online games?

As you might know by now, Sweepszilla has named over 1,000 winners in less than one year. Winning was “the easiest thing I’ve ever done” according to some. To other’s winning has got them through a tough time, “Thank You. Thank you for the win. It is much appreciated and is a help sorely needed at this time. I love your site especially the dog that looks like my Jack. Thank You” – Doris K. (2x winner)

What’s your reason for playing Sweepszilla? Maybe you’re down on your luck and need a financial boost, well Sweepszilla offers that. Or maybe there’s something you really want to buy, but you need a little more money. Sweepszilla offers the chance for all eligible participants to get shocked as their bank account grows. Often times we’re asked “Are You Real?” and while it’s hard to convince everybody - we’ve convinced at least 1,000 people who have received their winnings. There’s nothing more real than holding a $5,000 check - I can tell you that!

Take a look at the prize page right now. Do you see all of those names and all of those prizes? Those are real people being mailed real prizes. I think it’s about time you get your name on the winner’s list. It’s not hard either, really. Sweepszilla constantly sees the same winners winning – this is because they’re consistently entering because they know how great the feeling of winning is. Get your game on, You have over 250 tickets to enter every day and 10,356 reasons to play!