$1,000 Winner Announcement!

After months of collecting entries for Sweepszilla’s next $1,000 winner, the time has finally come. Our computers went through multiple entries to randomly select a winner. Drum roll, please …… and ……. the winner is ………

💰 John S.  of Lake Havasu City, Arizona! 💰

What a great day to be John! As soon as John claims his prize we’ll be mailing him a Sweepszilla check with his name on it and a $1,000 denomination. His bank account is about to be huge! John will be our second $1,000 after Erlinda, but there’s many more to come. Since we love our players so much, we just put a new $1,000 prize live for another lucky winner.

What would you spend $1,000 on? Start daydreaming and more importantly start entering because the only way you can be a winner like John and Erlinda is to submit entries!

John wasn’t even the only winner this weekend. Sweepszilla had 20 winners over the past 3 nights! We’re sending winner notifications, printing checks, and giving out money like madmen! On the same day John won, we found our 31st weekly winner and our 274th daily $50 Amazon gift card winner. We’re almost at our 1,000th winner!

A lot of you guys know what’s next, we’re on the road to riches towards another $5,000 winner. On the way we’ll still be giving out six daily prizes, electronics, and weekly prizes – so try and pick some of those up on the way!

The $5,000 prize is life changing, just ask Edgar. We’ll also try to get an interview with John for our blog once he claims his $1,000 prize. Stay tuned and keep your eye on the prize, you could be our next winner!