Top Sweepstakes September 2019

A little over one year ago, Sweepszilla began and we’ve given away tens of thousands of dollars to thousands of players. Now, this September we’re giving away a lot more! Here’s the shortlist of Septembers biggest prizes for you to max out your entries on.

The Big One: $1,000 Cash

We’ve helped a lot of lucky people with this prize. Receiving their $1,000 check has been a “blessing” and we’re helping another one of you this September. September 25th is the giveaway day so be ready. Whether you’ve been maximizing your entries every day or just joined Sweepszilla, keep going because there’s almost no time left before we announce a winner!

The Perfect Surprise: $500 Amazon Gift Card

I really hope by now you’re aware that all prizes can be redeemed for cash value. This $500 Amazon gift card can be spent HOWEVER you want if you win. You can decide you just want $500 instead and we’ll mail you a check or send your $500 to your PayPal – no questions asked!

$699.00 OR a new iPhone?

You really need to mark down the date September 25 in your calendar because not only is a $1,000 winner being selected, but there’s also an iPhone 8 Winner being selected too! The iPhone 8 is worth a staggering $699.00! Just like the Amazon Gift Card and all the other prizes you can take the cash value. Wooooooooo!

There are Six prizes every day, at least. Check out the vault for bonus bi-weekly prizes and more too. This month is going to be HUGE! Be a part of it.