Do You Need More?

Do you need more money?  Do you want more money?  Of course.  What would you DO WITH MORE MONEY

How long have you had the same TV?  How many years have you been laying on the same couch?  How about that expensive travel soccer club your son or daughter plays for?  What about the Zoom tutor your kids need for their math and English classes?  Your wife wants a new kitchen.  Have you seen what that cost?  Does your husband want a new set of golf clubs?  What about holiday gifts for loved ones?  Which fixed expenses are you cutting back on to afford these things? 

Forget about what you want.  Let’s talk about what you need.  Mortgage or rent payments, childcare, medical bills, medications, food, car payments, gas, and insurance.  These are not luxuries.  How much stress do you have in your life worrying about these expenses?   Do you worry that your credit card will be declined at the gas station or at the supermarket?   Do you lie awake at night worrying about the next set of payments due?  Are you so distracted by this financial stress that it is affecting your relationships with your spouse, partner, kids, or friends?  What would you do with some EXTRA MONEY?

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