How to Play Sweepszilla Games

Sweepszilla currently offers five different games for our players. Each game is a short skill test for players to enjoy before getting their entry tickets. Don’t worry, if you don’t like games or you’re in a rush you can click the “Skip Game & Collect Entry Ticket” button below the games. You will still receive your entry without having to play, but we like to make Sweepszilla fun! Here is a list of all five games and how to play:

The Chest Game 

You are presented with three chests, select one to be granted your entry ticket!

Concentration Game

This might be the hardest and most rewarding Sweepszilla game. For this game, you have to match two of the six cards. You can flip over cards by clicking on them to see the picture and then all you need to do is find two of the same!

War Game

My personal favorite! For the War Game players have to select a card from the cards below “Player 1” and try to beat Sweepszilla. If your card is higher – you win!

Map Game

This one’s simple! Just click the map and you’re entered! Sometimes we like to make the games quick so you can enter faster!

Balloon Game

Very similar to the chest game all you have to do is select a balloon to achieve an entry ticket!

After you complete any of these games you are given an entry ticket! You don’t need to do anything with the ticket numbers, we keep track of all of your entries in your Account Page which you can locate right here. Each entry ticket you receive is automatically entered into the prize drawing for that prize! Remember, it only takes one ticket to win each prize, but you can add up to ten tickets for each prize – each day!