Sweepstakes Hurdles: Why sometimes bad things are good

Have you ever been on a Sweepstakes that had a very slow website?  Perhaps it even took a few minutes to submit a single entry! This might get frustrating, but guess what? There’s a silver lining.

You’re not the only one facing these problems – everyone is playing by the same rules and limitations. That means if it takes you two minutes to submit an entry, it’s probably taking everyone that long. Furthermore, that means if you have more patience than the other players you’ll end up submitting more entries and having a better chance to win. Many players get discouraged from completing forms and submitting entries – but not you, right? Because if you don’t you’re going to be a top sweeper.

Sometimes sweepstakes limit the number of countries that can play, but as long as you are in the country that can play this is great news! Fewer countries = fewer players! Always make sure you read sweepstakes rules before entering, you don’t want to waste your time when you’re not eligible. It’s a great thing to be eligible though because you know YOU have a chance to win, but not everyone does.  

Did you know on Sweepszilla you can enter over 250 times every day? That’s quite a lot of entries… While some of you may say that’s too many! You have to try and be the person that doesn’t say that. The people that wish there were more are the people that are increasing their chances of winning every day by maxing out all of their entries. Does it take time to do this? Of course. Playing sweepstakes isn’t a waste of time though, you’re not aimlessly searching the internet, you’re winning money!

Anytime something is hard to do, fewer people do it. Sweepstakes aren’t hard, they just require patience and consistency and those who have that are ultimately the same people who win prizes week in and week out. Test your patience by maxing out your entries it might just pay off.