The Top 5 Ways to Know if a Sweepstakes is Worth it

When it comes to Sweepstakes we all want to win, but sometimes we begin to lose hope when we don’t. Across the internet there are hundreds of Sweepstakes for you to enter, so what makes for a ‘Great’ Sweepstakes? Our team has come up with the top 5 ways to know the Sweepstakes you’re playing is worth it. Check out our list below.

  1. Daily Prizes

Sweepstakes sites that offer daily prizes make entering so much more enjoyable. Daily prizes can keep you motivated and give you a reason to come back every day. When a Sweepstakes has daily prizes there’s a chance for you to win every day rather than once a year. Sweepszilla has 6 daily prizes!

  1. Multiple Prizes

After you fill out your daily prizes and still have time, rather than going off on the internet and wasting your time you can enter into more contests. We recommend finding Sweepstakes with a combination of different prizes because that means that there’s less of a chance that people are all entering for the same prize you want.  

  1. The Same Winners Keep Showing Up

So you’re sorting through a Sweepstakes Winner’s list and see the same name popping up over and over again, and you say, “why are they winning and not me?!” What you should be asking is how that can become you. When someone keeps winning a Sweepstakes, that means there’s a chance the player pool is small and they are taking advantage of it. If there are millions of people playing the chances of seeing the same name is almost one in a million! But when the same people keep winning then you know their odds (and yours) are much better than that.

  1. You Can Choose Your Payout Method

What happens when there’s a Sweepstakes for a big screen TV, but you already have one or don’t even have the room for one? You probably skip that entry, right? Sweepstakes like Sweepszilla, while rare, allow you to take home the value of the TV in the form of checks, PayPal, or even Amazon Gift Cards. This allows you to enter any Sweepstakes you want without having to worry about taking home the prize, but rather the value of the prize.

  1. They Send You Emails

Sweepstakes that sends you emails are saying to you, “Hey, if you win we want you to know that you’ll be contacted”. When a Sweepstakes sends you emails you can rest assured that you’ll be notified of any wins. Across the internet, there are a multitude of unclaimed prizes, so if you’re NOT receiving emails it’s important to make sure that the Sweepstakes has the right information for you.