A Huge Winner Said This...

In May of 2019, one user William M. of Florida signed up for Sweepszilla. Little did he know at that time that he was going to become another one of our huge winners…

William had to play for TWO MONTHS before seeing his first win, but of course, he didn’t give up in that time. In July of 2019, William snagged his first win in the form of one of our daily $50 Amazon Gift Cards. There were over 360 winners during that time and William became one of them. He promptly responded to his winning notification and selected PayPal, within a few days he had his $50. This was just the beginning too because William was about to win tredecuple his $50 win. 

ANOTHER two months after his first win, William received his second winning notification in September of 2019, but this time it wasn’t for $50. This time it was for an iPhone 8 worth $699.00! William hit a jackpot win!

We contacted William after he won and asked him how he wished to receive his prize, he wanted the cash and he wanted it ASAP. He gave us his winner release form and his check was sent out. He waited until it was in his hands until he said this as inspiration for everyone on Sweepszilla - 

“I love Sweepzilla, this is my second win...I won the I phone 8 and decided to take the cash cause I just got a new phone three months ago. So in last two months I have won 749 dollars. I know some of you are skeptical, but u can win too, and their adds have some good ideas....ty again for the opportunity to win with's my number one sweeps destination.... good luck everyone, cause I'm here to win my third winnings. Can u beat me LoL ....”

That sounds like a challenge from William! We look forward to seeing William win again! There are players that have won over 10 times – can you believe that? How many times will you win in 2019? Just keep playing like William does, it’s paying off!