How to Play and Win on Sweepszilla

“It’s the easiest money I’ve ever made”

For new players, playing on Sweepszilla is not only simple and easy to do – it’s also really fun. You can enter for a chance to win in less than ten seconds, we made it that easy for you!

First things first, you need to register. You’ve probably already done this, but if you haven’t you need to register with your email address – this is where we’ll send you emails if you win. You are also able to login with your email address once you are registered.

All that’s left now is playing to win! On the homepage, you will see over 25 prizes to choose from. On each prize, there is a ‘PLAY NOW’ button. Once you press this button you will be brought to one of our game pages! You can follow the instructions and play the game or skip the game and collect your entry ticket. When you complete this step you will get an entry ticket and officially be entered to win during the next prize drawing!

For each prize, you can submit up to ten tickets. All of your tickets are tracked in our system and you can see them on your account page. Prizes end on different dates, some a month away and some every day. There are currently six daily prizes that have a winner announced every single day! If you plan on trying to win every day, it’s important to enter into these.

At midnight of the prize deadline our systems randomly select one ticket and name the winner. That winner is then sent an email that says, “ You Won!” If you receive this email you are a winner! The email will allow you to claim your prize, get a check, PayPal payment, or Amazon Gift Cards worth the value of your prize. All of these options are free – in fact, we’ll never ask you to pay for anything on Sweepszilla – Sweepszilla is a free sweepstake!

Each winner will receive their prize in a timely manner, prizes are typically sent out the same day that you claim them! Guess what that’s all that you have to do to win. It really is easy and fun!

P.S: Visit the vault here for some extra prizes and view our winner's page here. This blog is also updated five times a week for you to learn more and see our winners! If you ever have any questions you can contact us right here! Good Luck!