Sweepstakes Scams: What to look out for

It’s important to always keep your information safe online. To do this you have to be aware of all kinds of scams and traps that are on the internet. One of these includes sweepstakes scams. While sweepstakes are heavily regulated by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, some websites still try to cheat their players. Don’t worry! Sweepszilla has you covered on how to know the sweepstakes you are playing is reputable. 

Look for the words “No Purchase Necessary”

In order for a sweepstake to be a sweepstake, they are never allowed to charge you for entries. Most reputable sweepstakes websites will put the words “No Purchase Necessary” somewhere on the website and in the Terms and Conditions. Seeing these words is a good thing. 

You shouldn’t have to pay for your prize 

Along with the words “No Purchase Necessary”, sweepstakes websites have to abide by this by never charging you for anything! No real sweepstakes website will ever require you to give them money. You should NEVER pay for the shipping of your prize or the taxes of your prize in order to receive it. These are signs of scams! Sweepstakes websites will always ship you your prize for free and never ask for money.

 Look for spelling mistakes

 A large number of sweepstake scams are directed at English speakers from non-English speaking persons. Therefore the messages, website, etc. will probably have a lot of spelling errors and not make much sense. They definitely wouldn’t have a daily blog!

Never give your bank information

Sweepstakes websites will never ask you for a credit card # or your bank account information since they are free! Why would a free website ask you for your credit card? They wouldn’t! NEVER give out your credit card information during a sweepstakes, this is a surefire way to know you’re dealing with a scam.