How to Find a Sweepstakes You Can Really Win?
Nothing would make us happier at Sweepszilla if we could let everyone win ALL THE TIME! Right now we’re on pace to give away over $88,000 in prizes this year. Hundreds of players that have submitted their entries have taken home a chunk of the prize pool already, but when is it everyone else’s turn? Well, the Sweepszilla team wants to give you some tips so you can rest assured you are in the right place.

Look to see which prizes might have fewer entrants:
Select prizes like jewelry, coffee makers, even iTunes Gift Cards are more likely to have fewer entries because only certain people are interested in those prizes compared to prizes like TVs and cash. This means you could have a greater opportunity to win. It’s also important to read about prizes, in Sweepszilla’s case, any prize can be rewarded through check, PayPal, or Amazon Gift Cards so you should enter for any prize!

Check what Countries are eligible to enter:
Sweepszilla is currently open to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (Sorry if your country is not listed!) When there are only a few countries eligible to play this creates less of a player pool, which is beneficial for you. Some other Sweepstakes websites are offered worldwide, so watch out to make sure you’re not competing with everyone!

Check which ages are eligible to enter:
Just like checking what countries are eligible to enter it’s important to see what age groups can enter. At Sweepszilla you have to be 18 years or older to enter, which is great for everyone over 18! This way you don’t have to compete with everyone that plays from the countries listed above, just those that meet the age requirements.

Find out how many times you can enter:
Sweepstakes that allow you to enter more than once give you the greatest ability to maximize your odds. A lot of players don’t use up all of their entries every day, which means if you do use up your entries every day you’re going to be putting yourself in a better position than them. It’s not even hard to do this, it’s fun! Sweepszilla allows you to enter up to 10 times for every prize.

When you read over these you know you’re in a great Sweepstakes. Make sure when you check out Sweepstakes they follow these tips so you have a real opportunity to win. As always Good Luck!