User Protection Notice/Beware of Scams
From time to time we hear of stories that someone tried contacting our Facebook fans, first trying to friend them and them to inform them that they are a winner.

SweepsZilla Does Not Friend Members
Please note SweepsZilla NEVER, EVER tries to friend our members. If someone claiming to work for SweepsZilla tries to friend you, you can be 100% it is not us. Do not accept a friend request from anyone claiming to be from SweepsZilla.

If You Are Unsure, Ask Us
This is the real SweepsZilla Facebook page. The easiest way to check is to see how many a page has. The fake ones usually have less than 100 likes and certainly have less than 1,000. Our page has over 50,000 likes and has much more content than the fake pages.

We Do Not Contact Winners On Facebook
SweepsZilla contacts all winners by email. Scammers will try to contact you on Facebook because they don’t have your email address. If someone tells you that you’ve won on Facebook and asks you to contact them, it is not real.

You Don’t Have To Pay Anything If You Win
SweepsZilla is a 100% free to enter sweepstakes site. Winners never have to pay a penny to collect their prizes. If someone tells you that you’ve won but that you need to pay a fee, it is absolutely fake. This goes for any site. Lots of similar sweepstakes sites are targeted for scams like these. If someone asks you for money, it is not real and you did not win.

Tell Us If You See Something Suspicious
If you see something that seems fishy, let us know. The easiest way is via our Facebook page. You can report fake pages to Facebook. If enough people do this, Facebook will remove the page. If you let us know, we’ll also report to Facebook. This is really important. If we see a scammer aggressively reaching our users we can post about them on our Facebook page to let people know to watch out.