Entering Sweepstakes Daily: Why It’s Your Best Chance

Imagine there’s a bunch of different prizes. There’s a monthly prize worth $5,000,000, a weekly prize worth, $1,000 and a daily prize worth $100. Most people see $5,000,000 and automatically enter for that contest. After all, who doesn’t want five million dollars? It would be great to win that much cash, but what another question is – who doesn’t want even $100?

Big prizes bring more players, it’s a simple fact. Everyone is going after the jackpot – and all too often smaller prizes fall by the wayside. Every week I see it, the same players winning the smaller prizes while everyone competes for the bigger ones. There are players on here who enter for the smaller prizes every day and it’s working for them – they’re like thieves in the night! Sometimes the same player wins twice in one day…. Now imagine that getting two winning emails…

Recently I posted about a 5-time winner, Lisa. Lisa knows exactly what she’s doing and it’s a great idea to follow in her steps. Every day she maxes out all of her entries for smaller daily prizes. We have a $50 Amazon gift card, two $25 prizes, two $20 prizes, and a $10 iTunes gift card. Hopefully, by now you know that all of these prizes can be converted to the cash value in a check or PayPal payment.

Lisa has won 4 daily prizes over the last three months, BUT she also won a $250 VISA gift card. That’s because while she enters for all of the daily prizes every single day, she also enters for a few of the larger ones too. This gives her the chance to receive a winning email every single day! Whether she’s only winning $25 or occasionally $250 she’s probably always checking her inbox for winning notifications because she enters daily.

When you come back every day to enter you’re doing yourself a huge favor. Some players send messages to us asking how they haven’t won in the month they have been playing. In my opinion, it’s because they’re only entering for the huge prizes! You should always diversify your entries, at least try to max out one daily contest every day with 10 entries! That’s a great start and a good path towards taking home a prize!