Unclaimed Prizes of January 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019

If you haven’t looked already you can also view the list of unclaimed prizes for 2018 right here.

Currently, Sweepszilla has dozens of prizes that winners have not claimed. When you win on Sweepszilla we notify you through your registered Sweepszilla email address, unfortunately, some people use email addresses with spelling errors or email addresses they don’t check – it’s always important to make sure the email address listed in your account page is correct. Please check the list below for unclaimed prizes from January 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019:

Shanette B. (Racine, WI) $25 Winner
Shara B. (Unknown) $25 Winner
Dan S. (Unknown) $50 Winner
Tanya M. (Tucson, AZ) $25 Winner
Tom C. (Unknown) $50 Winner
Samantha S. (Marshall, TX) $25 Winner
Ben L. (Unknown) $25 Winner
Gary D. (Plantation, FL) $100 Winner
Amy C. (Supply, NC) $10 Winner
Jim S. (Granville, IL) $20 Winner
Randy S. (Unknown) $50 Winner
Gordan A. (Dayton Beach, FL) $25 Winner
Jennifer S. (Unknown) $50 Winner
Frank A. (Deer Park, NY) $10 Winner
Tara B. (Unknown) $20 Winner
Mary S. (Avon Park, FL) $25 Winner
Alice K. (Guysville, OH) $20 Winner
Terese R. (Topeka, KS) $50 Winner
Melody W. (Chandler, AZ) $25 Winner
Robert S. (Norcross, GA) $20 Winner
Charles B. (Orangevale, CA) $25 Winner
William H. (Holts Summit, MO) $100 Winner
Sarah E. (Palm Bay, FL) $25 Winner
Jane G. (Irvington, NJ) $50 Winner
Jeff L. (Unknown) $25 Winner
Belinda P. (Pana, IL) $35 Winner
David S. (Atlanta, GA) $250 Winner
Mike M. (Unknown) $50 Winner
Wayne W. (Labelle, FL) $100 Winner
Katherine O. (New York, NY) $20 Winner
Garlan J. (Mandan, ND) $25 Winner
Brent P. (Spokane, WA) $25 Winner
Steven S. (Davis, CA) $50 Winner
Chrysta C. (Peru, IN) $50 Winner
Troy D. (Motley, MN) $250 Winner
Charmaine M. (Mason City, IA) $25 Winner
Kristin W. (Eaton, OH) $50 Winner
Alma J. (Tulsa, OK) $20 Winner
John J. (Kinston, TN) $50 Winner
Patricia H. (Bunker Hill, WV) $90 Winner
Brian M. (McAndrews, KY) $45 Winner
Timothy W. (Cowarts, AL) $25 Winner
Linda B. (Westbrook, CT) $25 Winner
Christopher D. (Mattituck, NY) $699
Cristina G. (Los Angeles, CA) $50 Winner
Sylvia M. (Amarillo, TX) $20 Winner
Bambi H. (Arlington Heights, IL) $25 Winner
Arline S. (West Islip, NY) $100 Winner
Diana B. (Hector, AR) $10 Winner
John S. (Lake Havasu, City, AZ) $1,000 Winner
Marie S. (Unknown) $50 Winner
Anthony A. (Huntington, WV) $20 Winner

Please claim your prizes! If you believe you see your name on this list then you can use the contact form to contact us. Please state that you think your name was posted on this blog and you have an unclaimed prize and a Sweepszilla representative will verify it with you so we can send you your prize. Please remember that some people have similar names so it may not be you, but we will verify the information. Always use a valid email address as well!