What’s the Secret to Winning Multiple Times on Sweepstakes?

Take a look at this list:

Betty S. of Texas – 6x winner
Dominique B. of Quebec – 5x winner
Barenton B. of Georgia – 5x winner
AnneMarie S. of Illinois – 5x winner
Charles C. of West Virginia – 5x winner
Chad L. of Colorado – 4x winner
Christine M. of Ohio – 4x winner
Lolita B. of Alabama – 4x winner
Al R. of Florida – 3x winner
Barbara A. of California – 3x winner

This is a list of only 10 people that have won multiple prizes on Sweepszilla, meanwhile, there are dozens of people that have won multiple times! It’s also no secret that we’ve already given away well over 1,000 prizes too…

So how are these WINNERS so consistent in winning? That’s just it, they’re consistent in playing. These ‘professional sweepers’ know exactly what prizes to enter for and how to win and these are just the prizes they’re winning on Sweepszilla! I’m sure they’re winning all over the internet – although we believe Sweepszilla is still a small sweepstake, so you compete against fewer people and have a better chance to win than other sweepstakes!

On this blog, we’ve covered a lot of tips and tricks and hopefully, you follow along to learn them. For now, let’s focus on how some people are winning 6 times!

I’ll tell you something right now – it’s really not hard to be a winner. It does take time and dedication but guess what the real trick is? Entering every day for daily prizes. That’s really it. All you need to do is set aside time every day and start entering. Right now, there are six daily prizes for you to enter for and 20 other prizes. Professionals enter for all of them every day and max out their entries – it’s not hard but it’s not easy either. But you know what? It gives you the best chance of winning and that’s what we’re here for!

Of course, we all know it only takes one entry to win… So if you don’t have the time as others do, it’s best to go for the big ones! Like $5,000! Drop an entry in and let your luck take over. You never know what might happen! I hope to see YOU on the winner's list next!