More & More Prizes

Last year, when Sweepszilla first started, we only had one $50 winner every day. Since that time, thanks to the support of you all, we now offer six prizes every day! The Sweepszilla team wants to try to get as many winners as possible and give you a chance to win something! We have also introduced larger prizes that run monthly so you have the opportunity to get your entries in each month.

As long as our players keep playing, Sweepszilla will continue to make sure to offer new prizes. This year we have over $10,000 up for grabs. Whether you are interested in money, gift cards, or prizes, we have you covered. All prizes are also eligible to be received as checks, Paypal, or in the form of gift cards!

What’s your favorite prize? A lot of people really want to win $5,000 this year, just like Edgar L. did in January. If you’re trying to win the $5,000 prize this year make sure to submit entries into the six daily prizes so you have a chance daily to win prizes too.

Be sure to check the time left on your favorite prizes to know how long you have before the winner is announced. The more time that is remaining, the more entries you can get in before it ends. If your favorite prize is ending soon, then hurry up! Daily prizes run for 24 hours so you need to max out your entries before midnight every night to have a good shot!

We hope to add more prizes soon and find more winners! Good Luck!