In less than one year, one thousand prizes worth over $50,000 have been delivered to 5 different countries, all 50 states, into the hands of over 750 different winners. When Sweepszilla first started we had one single winner every day, but now we have over six. By this time next year, we’ll have given away over 3000 prizes as long as you stick with us!

Some of you may have even been players when Sweepszilla first started. For our new players, when Sweepszilla first began, the homepage, logo, games, and prizes were all different. In fact, we only had two prizes in total – a daily and weekly prize. Now we have over 25…

It’s been incredible watching Sweepszilla grow and talking to our players. On the road to 1,000 winners, we’ve had some incredible experiences. From our first $1,000 winner, and most recently, our second, to a $5,000 winner (with more to come). We’ve given away BBQ Grills over the Summer, computers in the Winter, and a few tips and tricks year round.

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to a number of players who are so thankful for having Sweepszilla in their life. Just yesterday, a retired gentleman emailed me saying, “Thank you for filling my day with joy instead of work.” Incredible. Another great story I remember is when a winner broke their computer right before they won! Luckily they got our email on their phone and won more than enough money to purchase a new computer!

Each person who goes on Sweepszilla plays an important role in making this sweepstake one of the best on the internet. By playing, your allowing us to give back and offer so many great prizes – so we would like to extend a thank-you to you! We’ll keep trying to make Sweepszilla great, but as for you, just stay great! And maybe win some prizes while you do! Good luck!