March Madness!

We’re not talking about March Madness the basketball tournament! We’re talking about the March Madness that has been Sweepszilla this month! In the first half of March, we’ve given away well over $3,000 in prizes! These prizes have included FOURTEEN $50 Amazon Gift Cards, Bose Bluetooth Speakers, an iPad Mini 4, a Pendant Necklace, Beats Headphones, and $250 cash! We’ve given away 87 prizes in just 14 days! WOW!

DON’T WORRY, WE’RE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO DONE! We’re still going to be giving away a $100 Red Lobster Gift Card, an iPhone 8, a $500 Amazon Gift Card, and …….. $1,000 cash! Are you entered to win these prizes? You better make sure! On top of this, we’ll still be announcing six winners every day for our daily prizes, and one winner each week for our weekly $100 prize. This is the opportunity of a lifetime – these prizes are going out and I don’t think I need to remind you – it’s FREE!

March has brought us winners from California to Texas, to Massachusetts – even to Canada! In fact, in the last two weeks, we’ve had at least one winner from 39 of the 50 states! There have been six winners from California! We’re still waiting for a winner from Alaska this month!

We want everyone to have the chance to win prizes this March so please make sure you are submitting your entries. Even if you don’t want an iPhone 8 if you are selected to win we’ll send you a check for $699.00 if that’s what you want! (or a PayPal payment or Amazon Gift Cards!) Nothing is easier than entering on Sweepszilla! You can submit up to ten entries a day for each prize, most sweepers will tell you, “consistency is key to winning!” Good Luck!