How do Sweepstakes Work?

Whenever something is free, most people ask “What’s the catch?”. At Sweepszilla, there is no catch. There are only free games, free prizes, and winners. Sweepstakes are some of the best opportunities for consumers because of the symbiotic relationship between the company and players. There really is no downside to spending a few minutes a day trying to win prizes.

Our Sweepstakes allow us to employ people and offer prizes because of YOU the players. We’re able to offer so many great prizes including $5,000, iPhones, and Gift Cards thanks to you all coming back each day. And guess what? The more players that continue to play, the more prizes we are able to offer. That means that every time you play, not only are you giving yourself the chance to win prizes - you are giving us the opportunity to add more prizes. We like to call that a WIN WIN!

This year we have over $10,000 in prizes and our prize list continues to grow. Whether you are interested in money, gift cards, electronics, jewelry, or home goods, we have you covered. You just need to know that every entry not only helps you, but us too, and in turn, we love to return the favor and give you MORE prizes to win. So keep playing our sweepstakes so you can win and allow us to give you more prizes to win!