What is Luck? How Does Luck Effect Sweepstakes?

It’s a strange thing. Not necessarily ‘luck’ but the idea that 90% of the time when I have the chance to talk to a sweepstakes winner, they don’t say they were ‘lucky’. Do you know what they say? They say they earned it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “Some people make their own luck” and I think most of us would agree with this. It’s pretty easy to create your own luck on a sweepstakes website too – all you need to do is enter. Now the phrase, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” might be more in tune with the players who win every month. It seems to capture the essence of sweepstakes winners. When you find a sweepstake, like Sweepszilla, you’ve found your opportunity. In this case, the preparation may be reading about sweepstakes tips or entering consistently every day in order to create your ‘luck’. 

Sweepstakes winners say they earned it because, well, in a lot of ways… they did. They prepared. They took the time to do organize themselves. They looked at the rules and made sure they were eligible. They entered. They never lost hope. Then, they won. Winning wasn’t step one for any of them. Nobody is so ‘lucky’ that they win without entering – there are still some things that are impossible!

Now yes, if you submit one ticket and only one ticket for every prize – and win all of those prizes I would have to say that you are the luckiest person alive! But if you’re someone like Christine M. from Ohio who has won 4 times already, you’re winning consistently because you are creating your luck consistently!

Do you agree that you create your own luck? I know that I’m not that lucky, but maybe I can be! What about you, are you naturally lucky?