A chance to win more - at night!
Visit the new sweepstakes Insomnia Sweeps right here!

What's better than winning prizes? Not much right? Maybe you've won a few times, maybe you're still waiting for your first win. Either way, there's something you can do to help. You can check out a brand new sweepstakes called Insomnia Sweeps. Not many players being there yet gives you a good chance to win!

That's not all though. Insomnia Sweeps has a lot of prizes, but it's not called that for no reason.... every night from 12am - 3am and 3am - 6am there are bonus prizes. What's so great about that? If everyone else is sleeping and not entering you have better chances of winning prizes!

Insomnia Sweeps features load of prizes. $50 pillows, $250 luxury sheets, new beds, and of course most people's favorites... cash prizes. Entering is easy and they have fun games after entries, which is why we're so excited to share it with you.

A lot of people have trouble sleeping and look for things to do at night. Why not put your nighttime awakeness towards something fun? Imagine finally falling asleep and when you wake up you find out you won? laughing

We're hoping to give people more and more chances to win by making more great sweepstakes every month. As we build more, we give more too. As you know Sweepszilla when it started only had a single $50 prize and has grown so much! We hope to help build Insomnia Sweeps into a HUGE site that members can enjoy with LOADS of prizes. You can help us by signing up and becoming a member whenever you get the chance!

Best of luck and have a good day / good night!